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All Weather Artist- Keep it Show-reel 2013.

Data Marketing Infographic Sequence Demo - 20 sec' demo for data marketing company promo.

Quick Graffiti Production Video shot in stockport in 2013.

Don't Watch Nobody - Tinny Mad Music video 2010. Made using Flash to animate characters frame by frame and After Effects to give the visuals depth and lighting.

Don't Watch Nobody Directors concept interview - I had been asked so many times about the thinking behind Tinny's video that I decide to make this for a bit of fun.

Faces In The Crowd - Motion Sequence featuring Illustrations from the Faces In the Crowd Collection by All Weather Artist. Click here to view the project page.

E4 E-sting "The Revolution"- Created for E4 E-sting campaign, made using flash animation and an old photo of a load of duff teleboxes.

Storm In A Tea Cup Reel 2010 - Featuring various Motion, Graphic and Graffiti projects by All Weather Artist Manchester.

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